The 9 best smart phone apps for networking and conference events

An Ofcom survey published last month stated that 27% of adults in the UK own a smart phone and use it regularly. With the mobile now one of the most popular devices for accessing the internet on the move, an important growing industry for investment and development is mobile application arena.

Currently there are over 425,000 third party apps on sale in the Apple app store alone. There is certainly a lot to choose from, so Xposure are here to help you identify the top apps for your business and this particular post, will focus the best apps for networking and conference events.

Using smart phones in these type of events may seem a little odd, but we have compiled a list of the 9 best apps that will leave you wondering how you ever coped without one!

1. Foursquare

This popular application available to all smart phone users allows you to use mapping software  to check into locations anywhere and everywhere. You can also see who is at the same location or nearby, and share photos and comments with them. Checking into the location of your networking event or conference on your smart phone and looking through who else has done so, can help to break the ice on those awkward first encounters. Not only that, but restaurants, bars and fast food outlets often reward their most frequent check in individuals with freebees!

Cost: Free

2. Bump

An app created initially for the iPhone and android markets, Bump is an easy way to share something with a friend or someone that you have just met. A great alternative to a business card that can easily be binned, by simply bumping two smart phones together (not too hard though!) you can send through your contact details to the other phone to be directly set up as a contact in their phone book.

Cost: Free

3. Evernote

A lot like having a tape recorder to record your every thought, Evernote provides an area to capture information, in any environment, using either a mobile phone or tablet, which ever you find most convenient. It makes everything accessible and searchable at any time during your networking events. You can record interesting sections of speeches, take photos of useful props or gadgets, even people if you have their permission. This can help you to remember who and what you’ve seen on any given networking event.

Cost: Free

4. Card Munch

This app, developed by business network LinkedIn, turns your business cards collected at conferences and networking events into mobile phone contacts. The app allows you to take photos of business cards, which are then converted into a phone contact showing all your LinkedIn connections in common. Not only does this save you time it takes loading in the information, it also allows you to connect with your new acquaintances via LinkedIn.

Cost: Free

5. Voicememos

As you might expect, this application involves more recording, giving you the opportunity to record full presentations. The application means that you will be able report back to your colleagues with the recording as well as your notes, and your memory.

Cost: £0.69


This free application is a basic QR code reader that works primarily on Apple devices. With QR codes becoming increasingly prevalent on business cards, linking to websites, more information and useful content, having a QR code reader is very important. Banners, networking events and flyers often utilise the QR code, so make sure that you have your reader at the ready for any and all events you have coming up.

Cost: Free

7. Tweetdeck

This social media management system can prove very useful when searching for information about an event you are attending. You can begin by monitoring relevant hashtags, to see who is tweeting about it, then you can find those tweeting about it and contact them before the event and even arrange to meet up!

Cost: Free

8. Google+

The baby of the social networking realm, allows you to group your contacts into different circles, so that you can easily share appropriate content with the right people. You can create as many circles as you want, so having one for your different networking events will allow you to recall easily, where you know groups of individuals from, and what content they would be particularly interested in.

Cost: Free

9. Dropbox

Online storage is something everyone is talking about, storing content online with Google Docs, and cloud computing are new developments that have made accessing content in any location much easier. No more lugging your heavy laptop around with you. Drop box is an area that allows you to upload PDFs and presentations with new contacts by setting up a new dropbox file to share. You can show and then email these useful presentations to others, using Dropbox instead of your phone’s storage space.

So what do you think?

These are the Xposure top 9 applications for smart phones at conferences or networking events, will you be using any of them? We are also interested to know if you have some more apps that you have found particularly useful during your events. Have you been amazed by an app during your recent networking events? If you’re persuasive enough, we may even make it a top 10 list!

One thought on “The 9 best smart phone apps for networking and conference events

  • These are great apps, and ones I love to use when out networking myself. I can personally recommend every single one. Check them out and have a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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